Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

This may be my last post for a while. Tomorrow (Monday, 4-5-10) I will be putting my Etsy shop on hiatus, and mailing out the last purchases. Tuesday morning, I leave for Dixie (my family for to see). I'm not entirely sure what my schedule will look like while I'm there, so best to just shut it all down until I get back. That will be sometime in the last week of April, but might be as late as May 1st.

I'm going to figure on a lot of time on the road and out of pocket. A day or so in Birmingham before going home, a three day trip down to New Orleans to visit an old friend, and eventually, instead of flying, driving back up the East coast with the folks to visit my brother in Baltimore for his birthday. I'm looking forward to it, the food, the warm weather, friends and family.


I kind of need this trip, things have not been going well since the Lunar New Year started . . . the year of Metal Tiger has *not* been kind to me. I'm hoping the trip will help this unlucky little girl blue. - which, btw, is the inspiration for my etsy search today.

I had almost figured that I had picked a phrase that just wasn't going to work well with etsy's search engine, and then I found The Little Fox. Particularly, "Little Outcast" print shown here. I especially liked the inclusion of the quote from William Blake: "Seek Love in the pity of others' woe,
In the gentle relief of another's care,
In the darkness of night and the winter's snow,
In the naked and outcast, seek Love there!"

There's something about the cupie-doll faces in her paintings (some smiling, some morose) that makes them charming; and the themes are very well thought out and inspired. She has many prints as well as original works, and even a couple of dolls made to look like her painting features.

Hey, there's even a lamb in this one, just for Easter.

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Happy Easter...Be safe :)