Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back for Spring

OK, I have returned from my wonderful trips down to Mississippi and New Orleans, where the sun was bright and warm and I was able to bask and soak up heat and vitamin D and all those other mood-lifting things you get from sunshine down in the South that just don't exist 3/4ths of the year for anyone living much north of the 35N' latitude line. Of course, I returned to NYC to the cold, the wet, and the generally miserable (weather-ly speaking). It's finally starting to get a little better, but it's got a long way to go yet.

In update news, I will be able to get back to work, kind of. For the next two weeks, I've actually gotten gainful employment back at a lawfirm, which is good for me being able to pay bills and buy groceries, but not so good for giving me time to just sit and create.

However, the lilacs are blooming, the Sakura festival at Brooklyn Botanical is this weekend, and I know I need to hop to it to start churning out my spring vials made with those very time sensitive flowers! (I have been a bit worried, because the little cold snap I returned to with lots of rain and even more wind is battering a lot of these flowering trees and making them drop their flowers/petals prematurely, as well as damaging the ones still on the tree.)

On an upside, my garden has been replanted, full of fresh herbs as well as new vegetable plants for summer. So, I think that catches everything up to date. I'm hoping by Sunday I will have uploaded a new batch of Magic Vial Pendants with cherry blossoms, lilac flowers and who knows what else.


Quicky little plug, because I'm not going to break my streak, and I know some cities had their Sakura festivals last weekend, but Brooklyn's is this weekend.

Emiko Keller Designs has this absolutely beautiful hand felted sakura blossom choaker. I love the color and the bold flowers against such a delicate green cord. I've always had a thing for jewelry that looked like plantlife that grew and twined around you.

Her shop has many more items, some felted, some not, but all beautiful. I highly recommend taking the time to browse her pages.

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