Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well then . . .

. . . That didn't last long. OK, back on the dole. Well, on the up side, this will be a really long weekend!

Speaking of. . . . oh dear me. . . I'm trying to be social and throw together a last minute (kinda) cookout for Monday! Here's hoping it goes better than my previous attempts at being social!

And randomly, pictured left is a new Magic Vial Pendant, a bit of a throw-back to my original line made several years ago. This one is a bottle variation on the old Desert theme with genuine turquoise, quartz crystal, and sage leaves and flower buds in copper wire.

I also did succeed in listing my first print on etsy last week, the Kudzu and Honeysuckle image from my last blog post, and am looking into maybe making prints of other works as well.


Oh, summer's coming, had our first day of 90+' weather! and boy was I happy about it, too! Won't be long before it's time to hit Coney Island.

So, today's search was the word "bikini."

Now, I'll admit, I've got a bias against expensive swim wear, because lycra is cheap and it doesn't take a lot of fabric, especially to make a bikini. If I think that it's an engineering miracle, that makes a difference, but I've seen very few swim suits that have the true architecture and amazing contour engineering to be worth 3 figures. (The only exception is chainmail bikinis, those things can be amazing feats of engineering AND take incredibly long to make AND the materials to make them aren't cheap. Love chainmail bikinis, wish I could afford a good one, but we're not doing that feature today.)

Now, for swim wear that will have you standing out, I like Fables by Barrie. She has a very cute line of swim wear dedicated to a very vintage pinup aesthetic. Lots of red, white and blue and lots of beautiful details and patterns to make you look like a calendar girl from yesteryear. My favorite (pictured at right) is this cute nautical bikini with sailor inspired high-waisted bottoms.

Barrie also has a small line of clothing that has a similar feel but much more daily life appropriate.

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