Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Last few weeks I was working full-time in a law firm, tomorrow I start a P/T gig as a Gal Friday on the upper east side. Ah, the glamorous life of a temp! But, you know, regular work just doesn't leave much time for anything else. So, I have hopes for this new gig-to-be. It's open-ended, which means it'll last until they either decide that I'm superfluous or they want to keep me. The pay's not the best, - better than retail! - but I like the idea of 5 hours a day, 4 days a week, especially during the summer months! Should leave me plenty of time to still work on Izile's Oddities, my garden, cook, shop, hang out with friends, etc.

Speaking of Izile's Oddities, I know the official shop's been quiet this week, but the DeviantArt gallery has shown some non-sales activity (which might be sales later, all depending). I've finally gotten off my painting laurels (traditional and digital). I finished my first two photoshop paintings (both started roughly 2 1/2 years ago and not touched in over two years until this week). I also finally got around to cleaning up one of my most popular watercolor paintings and submitting it to a company for a test print. If it comes out to a high enough quality, looks like I'll be selling prints in my Etsy shop (oh, what the heck, see the painting in question at left.) (I've also ordered a smaller test print of a sticker of my "Swirly Frog."

I'm also very nearly done with an original watercolor painting of a Fantasy map. I recently finished watching the BBC 4-part mini-series "The Beauty of Maps" and it reminded me of these giant fantasy maps I used to draw as a teenager (did my first one in 7th grade. By age 16, I had one on either wall of my bedroom, one was 4 ft x 6 ft, the other was 6 ft x 8 ft - every inch hand drawn, colored, labeled and entirely laminated (with help from my Mom). So, feeling nostalgic, I've got a small watercolor map that just needs labeling. I can't decide if I should do it in English, Latin, or do each city in the corresponding language (Human cities in English, Elven cities in Tengwar, Dwarven tunnels in Runes).


Oh, I'm chatty tonight! So, now onto the Etsy plugging.

I've also been pondering pieces for another DragonCon costume this year. I was thinking of a High Elf and/or Changling the Lost Sidhe (Muse or Flowering Fairest). I admit, I'm terribly picky, and have seen some great fairy, pixie, even a few wood elf costume pieces, but not much in the flavor of the genre I'm going for. So, not finding what I wanted, I predict that Alice in Wonderland will be *huge* at D*Con this year. (The costumes from the most recent movie were a-maz-ing!)

Now, one shop in particular has spun out their own take on the whole Wonderland wardrobe with a pretty fresh eye that looks neither borrowed from either of Disney's productions: Alter-Eco Clothing. They currently have five different listings for "Eco Alice" pieces. I do like the "Mad Hatter Waistcoat" but I think my favorite is the (pictured right) Red Queen Organic Skirt. And the shop says all their clothes are made from all Organic fabrics, recycled materials and non-toxic fabric paints - Bonus!

The shop's got a lot more than just Alice inspired and costume pieces, so definitely go give them a browse!


Alter-Eco said...

thanks for the plug and the compliments Hun! :)

~Bianca (of Alter-Eco Clothing)

storybeader said...

great looking watercolor print! Hope the new job works out well, and you're working around interesting people!