Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hester Street Fair

For those of you in and about New York City, Sunday, June 13th, I will be vending at the Hester Street Fair in lower Manhattan (corner of Seward Park at Hester St. & Essex St.) It is also (for the locals) 4 blocks up from the JMZ/F train Essex-Delancey subway stop and just a little over 1 block down from the F train East Broadway stop. Official Website for those wanting more information.

It was a last minute cancellation that made this available to me through the {New New} Etsy Street Team. Their links are always present on the lower right side of this blog. And if you are a New York City etsy crafter and not a member of the {New New}, then I might point out that I believe June is one of their joining months, so contacting them now about joining (only $5.00 a year) would be good timing. I will be sharing space with two other {New New} members, whom I will be plugging below in my featured section.

That said, so far I've, of course, got lots of Magic Vial Pendants to sell, and have just come back from the print shop and have a limited run of prints of my original watercolor paintings that will be for sale as well.

Hope to see some of you there, and keep your fingers crossed for me! This will be my first craft fair since the first Steampunk Day at the Brooklyn Indie Market.


As mentioned above, there will be two other {New New} vendors also attending this Sunday.

Apeture Agog - described as Needlecraft Graffiti, Derby Action and Mischief. Has a very unique and interesting collection of crafts. Photography, t-shirts (those would be the Roller Derby items), and even night lights are in her
arsenal of artistry. I chose a picture of the Needlecraft Graffiti, because I think that that phrase is wonderful and needs to be seen to be grasped.

The other vendor, I'm a little confused about, to be honest. She's on the list to be there this Sunday, but Hester Street Fair is not included in her list of places she'll be on her etsy shop or on her blog. Hmm. Well, I'm a cautious girl, so I'll include her anyway. (hey, her stuff's good whether she's at Hester or whether the roster on the team page is a bit behind).

Claudia Pearson Illustration has cute and sometimes a little quirky drawings available as prints, bags, coloring books and even tea towels! She's got very interesting and detailed prints of local goods and "Brooklyn Bugs" but I really love the color saturation and design of her Summer tea towels - plus what a neat and innovative way to display a print! - so that's what's pictured here at right.

So, if you're in the area, come check out Hester Street Fair, and if you can't get here, visit us on etsy and keep an eye out for future markets this summer!


Amy Lilley Designs said...

Sounds like a great brother went to Seward Park HS..(I went to Music & Art)...take some pics...hope the day is a big success for you...have fun!!!

Tracy/ Dust of Enchantment said...

Good luck! Hope you get lots of sales!

storybeader said...

wish I was around - have fun, hope the weather is good!