Thursday, June 17, 2010


Exciting title, right? Just kinda how I'm feeling this morning.

So, the fair went fairly well. It did rain from almost 2-6pm, so no customers for that part of the day. I had a few experiments at table that are not on my etsy store. I had made homemade bath bombs. I had a "Blackberry Bramble" which was blackberry fragrance oil with rose petals and cocoa butter; and I had a "Sweet Summer Tea" that was lemon balm, lemon and peach fragrance oil with cocoa butter. Those sold out and most of them went pretty fast. I had only made 4 of each, so it didn't take much to wipe them out. Something to consider for future fairs. I also had made a batch of my "Demon Cookies" to give away free as product testing. Everyone seemed to love them, one lady told me I should be charging $3.00 a piece. Wow!

So, I guess now I just look for the next available opportunity.


Well, it's slowly getting to be that time of year where my thoughts turn to DragonCon, my costume, and the Mad Scientists Ball.

Sadly, while steampunk gets more and more popular, and more and more a broad-spectrum and inclusive term, mad science just isn't really growing the way I'd hoped. Kids today, they just don't have the same global-domination dreams like we did when I was little!

I admit, I was looking for something particular. Remember last year at this time, I plugged this Mad Scientist Shooter Bar for drinking your shots out of test tubes. Well, I was told by a friend who went with me, that they saw a guy at the nearby liquor store who had the same concept, but built into a leather wrist brace. Apparently, he was standing at the counter, holding his wrist up to explain, pointing to the slots for each test tube saying "rum, vodka, bourbon, tequilla. . ." I wanted to see if such a thing was on etsy. . . sadly no. It's not as cleaver as the Steampunk Professor X who's steam powered wheelchair also chilled and dispensed massive quantities of any liquid, but I figure it'd also be a lot less labor, time and money.

Muah-ha! With persistence I have found Lost Realm's "Potion Holder" which, isn't 6+ test tubes around the wrist, but two off the belt is going in the right direction! Pictured left is the "simple" potion holder, but for $5.00 extra, there is another potion holder in a nearly black-brown leather with a D-ring for attachments and screw on metal caps.

This seller seems brand new. Joined in May of 2010, has four items for sale and 1 positive feedback and 1 sale. You know I always like to encourage everyone to help out the new guys! My costume doesn't have a belt (and wouldn't look right to add one) but I may have to talk to my guy-friend (who wants a belt) about this possible addition!

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