Saturday, September 11, 2010


Yeah! Back, and I know, I was technically back on Wednesday, but it's been kind of weird/strange slow-ish week, and at least one day of hell.

So, first, I have yet to locate any *good* pictures of us from D*Con, have been scouring flickr and google and other as much as I can and so far, nada. So, if you see us, let me know. Might even throw in a thank you goodie of some kind.

So, a revamped of last year's Mad Scientists costume:

Goggles by: Darkly Sewn of Etsy

Both Lab Coat/Lab Coat Dress customs by: Aughra Moon (
roommate and pro seamstress)

Arm band Test Tube holder by: Lost Realm of Etsy

Thigh holster by: BoMoLuTra of Etsy

Raygun by: Agent of Chaos of Etsy

Boot spats by: Faitavec of Etsy

(and those are fiber optic hair clips I got off ebay, and the
pink stuff in the test tubes is X-rated, lovely neon pink vodka liqueur flavored with blood orange, mango and passion fruit. Nummy! And a nice way to spike a Sprite in the hotel lobby!)

And then there was our Steampunk costumes. This is our first year with them, and we'll both need a LOT of accessories before next year to up the steampunk factor.

Now, this is the ONLY picture I have of us in these costumes together, so this one is a HUGE - PLEASE - if you see a picture of us in these costumes, let me know! I don't know what happened, between my camera, Bentley's Iphone (which is one of the new ones with the actually decent camera) and our other friend, Mel's camera (this one was from hers).

Goggles by: Darkly Sewn of Etsy

Necklace, obviously by me, Izile's Oddities

Shirt by Lip Service Corset by: Timeless Trends

Skirt by: Aughra Moon (roommate and professional seamstress)

and Bentley's leather doublet and shirt are by: Ravens Wood Leather (he also wanted me to note that he did actual have pirate boots that he did end up wearing, they were just in the car and he hadn't gone and gotten them yet)

So, those were the costumes of this year, and those are all the etsy sellers who helped me put together these looks. And you know I'll be looking for more for next year!!

Also, one last thing. They aren't etsy sellers, but I love it so much I have to brag. DragonCon weekend always falls on Labor Day weekend, which is always my Birthday weekend (9/4), so while the whole trip is kind of a birthday present, this was my actual tangible birthday present from Bentley, from Brute Force Leather

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