Friday, November 5, 2010

Change in the Weather

Seems like fall is more a season of transitioning than a season unto itself in many ways. Had some cold and wet as of late - my arch nemesis.

Today I'm trying my first batch of fermented "no-knead" bread. It sat out on the counter for 18 hours yesterday, and is rising now. My Mom on her last visit brought me a cast iron dutch oven just so I could do this recipe. Since she makes the best breads I've ever eaten (and I do love a good bakery, but even those in Manhattan fall flat compared to my Moms decades of just making loaf by loaf, variety after variety, type after type, one at a time, all by hand, all from scratch.) I'm apt to believe her when she brought me all the equipment and told me to try this.

We shall see.



So, obviously, I decided to search "bread" on etsy. . . but after that last statement, how could I plug bread I haven't eaten? Yeah. That's the trick. So, instead, I went under the woodworking subcategory to look at equipment for making your own bread.

Well, Delia Sophia and their hand crafted boards caught my attention right off the top. They range from just under $20 to just over $100 and have an equally wide range of sizes, shapes and even color/patterns. They also note that they're happy to do commission work. Pictured here is one that I find most striking, made of maple and walnut.

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