Thursday, November 11, 2010


I know I need to update this, so I will, but please pardon my melancholy. I tried to think of some way to put it poetically, "Sometimes, I forget to forget." or "Memory is not a safe place for everyone." Or some such, but it just seems. . . a bit vapid. But, yeah, I've been taking some trips down memory lane today, and they are not pretty streets that are well lit and decorated for the Holidays.

A friend of mine always quotes song lyrics when she's in one of these moods, but I'm not going to inflict that on any level of audience I might have.


Instead, we shall skip ahead to etsy plugs!

Actually, my inspiration for what to search on etsy is taken from my mp3 playlist, as "melancholy dreaming" as it might have once been described to me (and I can't honestly argue with the assessment).

Guitars. I cannot play the guitar. I really have no excuse. There is one rattling around this apartment somewhere. But they work so well with true blues, blues inspired and blues derived musical stylings. Now, I'm not going to plug any real guitars today, because, mainly, I wouldn't be able to tell a good one from a bad one, especially over the internet. My uncle builds handmade guitars out in Brady, Texas, and I know there's a lot more to the buggers than just looks and shapes.

Well now, I found just the best thing to start of this set, today. A new artist to Etsy (registered in April, 2010) with one sale, and out of Hattiesburg, Mississippi (I'm from Mississippi for those of you who might not have picked that up at some point in the past). TKDChamp02 has a small collection of original paintings including the pictured image which is from an "Emotions of the Guitar" series. This piece is "Sorrow." Good luck and keep painting!

Now, I had fully intended when I started this blog post to feature at least 3 different people from etsy. But after this short stint, I'm feeling like I need some alone time with my piano. So, maybe we'll pick this up another time.

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Anonymous said...

This is Kenny Thompson, thank you so much for posting my picture and Im glad you enjoy it.