Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday SALES & Schedule

First off is the Holiday Schedule for Izile's Oddities.

My etsy shop will be on hiatus from December 15/16 - January 5(?)

My last Post Office drop before I go back to the South will be early Sat., Dec 18th. In order to guarantee timely shipping, all purchases made before 15/16 must be paid in full by no later than Friday the 17th by 5pm, EST.

So, now, for the SALE BIT!

Starting tonight (11/28) until the time of hiatus, I will be offering 3 different holiday sales.

To participate in any of the sales, just enter the "code" and any other pertinent information into the "Message to Seller" field. Depending on which sale you choose, you may have to wait for an adjusted paypal invoice before you pay. Please, if you do not enter any code or information, I will assume you are opting out of the sale and charge you normally!

SALE 1) - Get your choice of any MINI-Print free with any purchase (while supplies last) - CODE: "Free Mini" + which mini you want

SALE 2) - 1/2 OFF all full-sized prints! CODE: 50 Off. First print purchase will get their choice of a free bonus surprise in either Japan theme or NYC theme. Second print purchase will get whichever bonus was not chosen by first purchaser.

SALE 3) - BOGO 1/2 OFF MAGIC VIAL PENDANTS! - Yup, bringing it back just for these couple of weeks. Buy any Magic Vial Pendant and get any other (of equal or lesser value) for HALF OFF! The 1/2 off magic vial MUST be a premade vial already available in shop, but the original purchase vial can be a pre-made or a custom order. CODE: BOGO


I was a bit scattered in my searching today. I wasn't really sure in what direction I wanted to look for a fellow etsy-er to plug. I admit, I even tried being a little more abstract and doing searches of song lyrics. I guess it just gets daunting, sometimes, when you do a search and it gives you over 34,000 hits. (but you can get overly particular, there's a great lack in the "murano glass hair clip" results.)

In the end, I came back to the one theme that repeats itself so heavily this time of year: "Baby, it's cold outside!"

OK. It's not my sort of thing, and it's above the normal price cap I put on items I blog about, but Obey My Brain Creations MUST be obeyed and must be plugged! After pages and pages of etsy, to have something pop up, smack you in the face and grab your attention by the short hairs, wow. Yes, this must be shown to all.Now, I wasn't sure how to talk about this product though. I really think it's something that needs to be seen first, and I can only imagine the impact of seeing one of these in person, and then poor attempts at verbalizing should follow.

I'm even giving this shop the rare two picture feature, because he does have a hat option under $50. It, too, is of the sort that if seen in public, must be envied, applauded, and then the camera phones must come out, because there's no way you're describing this in a text message.

Rock on, Mr. Freeman! We're glad you're out there.

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Whskr & Dash Kitten said...

Oh MY look at that - I can imagine someone wearing that here for the New Zealand Sevens Rugby (they all dress in fancy dress to watch - it's crazy!!)

Just started dropping with Entrecard - enjoy your blog a lot!