Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Season

Wooo, it's coming, isn't it? I've already got a few gifts out of the way, and some that will just have to wait a bit.

Thankfully, I've already started getting in the first of the Christmas/Yule/Holiday et al custom orders. As a reminder, I'm always up for custom work, just please note that I require 50% deposit before I create anything custom.

But, it's good. I need the extra paypal funds for my own family and friends. Which reminds me, I am TRADE/BARTER FRIENDLY to anyone who is able to offer a trade in something that I could use as a gift for one of my 4 siblings, 2 parents, 2 sibling's spouses and 3 -soon to be 4
nieces/nephews, or roommate/friends. I am a little picky, but it's something I've done in seasons past and has worked out well when artists/crafters are low on funds and have a lot of people to
shop for.


In that thought, I'm featuring a couple of things I'm thinking about for other people (who I'm pretty sure don't read this blog.) As always, etsy only promotions.

From Gr0glmann, specializing in toy jewelry, I found these. Yes, purple lightsaber earrings. I kind of wish I'd seen these earlier, as my favorite little jedi is already bought for, and while she loves to kick ass with dual purple lightsabers, I'm not sure if she'd wear them as earrings. Still. Adorable!

Also, I know someone who's very fond of moons, and I cannot tell you
how much I really hate Twilight right now for all the flood of Twilight-themed crap on etsy that comes up when I start trying to look for a "moon" something.

Now, despite the pages of bogged down copyright infringement
items, I did find a lovely shop, Braithwaite Studios specializing in glass works. Beautiful handmade sun catchers, and now this is what you like to see when you search for "moon."

and last one before I have to run to my "day job," which is something I think would be funny for my brother's future first kid, but I'm not sure his wife would be amused.

The Design Vine has this hilarious baby-thing. I know, the photo had to be shrunk to fit and is hard to read, but go to the shop and browse around. See the full size images.

In fact, go to all of these shops and browse around and look at their awesome stuff. Hopefully, I might have given you some ideas for what to get your family/friends.

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