Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Oh, I'm so relaxed right now. So, sis gave me a gift card for a massage at a Manhattan spa for Christmas, and I just used it today. This was my first ever, professional, full-body massage. (I had a 30 minute, just back and arms done like. . . 5 years ago, back in Nashville). I am a puddle of goo in a person-shaped balloon. Or, if I want to try and sound slightly like Warren Ellis, I am a well oiled and steaming flesh-sack filled with jelly-meats.

At any rate, it gave me a little inspiration of something to blog about.


Massage oils and massage bars on etsy!

I mean, seriously, is there anyone out there who doesn't like either giving or receiving a good massage now and again? even if it's just a cozy night in at home?

Now, as always when I blog about these sorts of items, please remember I'm going off product description, ingredient lists and photos. I have no personal experience with any of these

Woo, and there's a lot out there!

For those of you looking for the most bang for your buck, and less interested in flashy packaging, bells and whistles, Moody Shop has the best deal. For her "moisture bars" you get 6 ice cube sized applications in your choice of 3 scents, or unscented, for $2.00 + S&H! That's a
great deal! There are also another 6 categories to browse under in her shop as well.

If you want a little more variety in scent, and gift packaging, Skinplicity has a very extensive shop. There are 9 sections to her shop, but under Herbal Body Butters you will find her own "butter cubes," sold in packs of 4 for $5.00 + S&H and come in over a dozen scent combinations.

Now, these so far are "single serving" products. Some people, however, want a single massive bar in a portable tin (a la LUSH style). For that style, I loved the looks/read of Love Your Body Essentials. She has 6 categories in her shop, but under "Lotions and Creams" you find two choices of either a solid massage bar with tin, or one in a push up style container (think like a giant chapstick tube). I also thing the logo design on the tins and tubes are beautifully done (pictured right).

Wow! Three just for massage bars and I haven't even hit the oils yet! I knew this would be a big post! But hey, lots of options and lots of ideas, right?

When it comes to massage oils, there are tons of options on etsy, but one seller who seemed to have a large selection of scents, great packaging and good information is AromaVana. This shop is brand new, and has yet to have a sale, also! The range is a little more expensive, but also it boasts only organic ingredients and pure essential oils only. Plus, it seems they offer free S&H inside the continental United States for their 100ml bottles.

*whew* well, I hope you enjoy poking through the shops I featured today, they're all definitely worth the browsing, and I hope none of you ever have to go 5 years between massages, and I know I'm never going that long again!

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