Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So we had our first real snow last night here in NYC. A light but constant flurry that seemed to persist for hours and did eventually stick enough for a light coating of white. It always makes the city so beautiful when the snow is fresh. It was a great way to finish a great night.

Also, little note, It is Tuesday the 14th, and I believe I will be putting Izile's Oddities on seasonal hiatus starting Thursday the 16th. So if there is anything any of you might have been wanting to buy from my etsy shop for Christmas, best to do so soon. The SALES listed a couple of posts down are still in effect until the shop goes on seasonal hiatus. I will be back January 3rd, 2011, and will probably have the shop open no later than Jan 4th.


SNOW! I basically grew up without snow. Maybe we'd get a little snow that would stick once every
4-5 years back in Mississippi, but even then, it
was almost never enough to play with. No, we more got ice, if we got anything at all. So, yes, I still get excited about snow as an adult, because it's something I didn't get to play with or experience much as a child. Here is a photo from
"Snowmageddon" last year that my roommate took of me while I made a pitiful attempt to build a tiny snowman out in our back yard. I will say I have two things working against me when it comes to snowmen, 1) lack of experience, 2) Reynaud's Phenomenon. I won't go into details about #2, but feel free to google.

Now, back to snow on etsy!

So, "snow" results in more pages than I can shake a stick at. So, one of my favorite themes in snow are angry bluebirds. My grandmother did some birdwatching before she passed, and I remember books with lots of photos of puffed up "mad" looking bluebirds in the snow. Well, Makaio's Fotos has a couple of Eastern Bluebird photo prints. They don't necessarily look as ticked off as the ones I remember, but they are truly puffed up! There's also a great variety of other nature based shots to browse through.

And of course, when the results are too overwhelming, I know I can always check in and see what my fellow members at FAE (Fantasy Artists of Etsy) are doing. (You can always check out the items for FAE members by searching "faeteam" on etsy.) I try never to promote the same shop twice, and I've got a lot of the FAE artists covered, but Rainwater Studios has a great piece and is new enough that I've never had the opportunity to feature them before. At right is there Winter Fae Necklace. They've only had a very few sales and have 4 pages full of wonderful things to look at. Lots of great wire wrapping and fantasy themed creations!

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