Saturday, February 5, 2011

From Faerie - Unseelie Salts

I'm actually afraid I'm making this blog post a little late. I wanted to give a little gap between my last blog post and this one, where I was going to announce the release of my next prototype, the Unseelie Bath Salts of my experimental "From Faerie" line.

I say this is a little late, because my Unseelie salts actually made it onto the front page of last night, and were promptly purchased!

It's not entirely too late, though, as I do still have a $1.00 sample baggie of these same salts up in the shop.

I do hope to be getting some feedback on these salts, as they were quite problematic! I had wanted to just blend poppy flowers and rosemary with Dead Sea salts, but then I got the
bright idea to make them fizzy, too, and so added citric acid and baking soda. . . except I added too much of the fizzing blend to the Dead Sea salts, and I ended up with something very clumpy and strange, and half way to being a bath bomb rather than bath salts. So I had to mix in epsom salts, and that helped a little, but not a lot, so then they had to go into a very low oven for about an hour, and that worked like a charm, but then the salt was coarser than I would have liked, which then meant beating the stuff back down with hands, rolling pins, you name it and leaving it out to dry again for a day more.

I do believe my next batch will be JUST the poppy flowers and rosemary with plain Dead Sea salts - unless my customer(s) write back and say they actually loved the product as is, in which case, I'll have to find a much less stressful and labor intensive way to make the same experiment again. Hey, that's why they're prototypes, and that's why I sell them at basically cost (or no profit). This 10.5 oz decorated bottle went for $7.00 for all that I went through! I think that's a smashing deal for an experimental product.

The Urisk salts will hopefully be up soon, though I want to test them on a particular male, first. And I will be getting more bottles shortly, and hope to make my Seelie Salts prototype soon as well.

SMALL EDIT/UPDATE: I did relabel my old sugar scrub formula to work with the From Faerie line. "Chocolate Mint, Vanilla Sugar Scrub" is now "GreenWoman Scrub"


Just out of curiosity, I thought I'd see how conversant etsy is with fae mythologies. I searched "unseelie" and came back with 17 results. Did a search for "seelie" and only got 8 results (though technically 3 of those were generic supply and had nothing to do with "seelie" or "fae" in particular at all).

One shop I did find, however was Unseelie Enchantments, "Mystical creations from the realm of twilight." I do love a shop with variety, and this one has a good mix of prints, jewelry, sculpture and other, that all have that dark fae edge. It's really hard to just pick one item to feature here, as there's several that I find interesting. But I think the General Grumpus Mushroom Faerie has just too much unique character to not picture. A great little representation of the darkling fae, as well. Definitely worth taking a browse!


Crystal Raen said...

I can see why the salts went so quick, they look so neat!

TiLT said...

Awesome! Congrats on both the front page & the sale :)

Faerie♥Kat said...

I am a champion bather; in fact, my friends think I'm part mermaid, I spend so much time soaking in the tub, and I think fizzy bath salts sound divine! And I want some!