Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February. . .

and more snow. *headdesk*

So, it's starting: February madness. We have Groundhog's Day tomorrow, in which regardless of whether or not he sees his shadow, I feel confident that we will have at least 6 more weeks of winter. In fact, I would be overjoyed if we ONLY had 6 more weeks of winter, if by Vernal Equinox we could actually have even a little spring - I would be DELIGHTED. It's also the same day for Candlemas and Imbolc. Day after is Chinese New Year, which I've already covered in abundance, I feel. And of course, the week following is Valentine's Day. And a couple of weeks after that, even atheists will start contemplating the sacrificing of goats to bring about an end to winter.

I tried to clear off my stairs before the most recent storm hit us (or is going to hit us, I think only the early edge has hit so far and we're supposed to get more tonight). I'm posting a
picture to give you an idea of my frustration, I rely so heavily on my herb garden, even in winter, how vexing this is. I cleaned off the stairs, and when I got to the top. . . well, tell me. . . now what am I supposed to do?

I admit, I've skipped the whole V-day post in the past, because frankly, I feel like I don't know what I'm doing. I remember I always loved the giant "I ♥ U" made out of chocolate my Mom would always give me as soon as I came home from school, because she knew I'd never get anything there. (Nobody loves you like your Mama!) I also remember the strange, creepy, stalker-ish guy at college who was always trying to convert me to his own very special brand of Christianity sending yellow-orange lilies (see earlier post on flower meanings) to my dorm room with a tag that said "Happy friendship day! Jesus loves you!" My last b/f, some 3 years ago, did send a homemade card that I thought was pretty nice as it was filled with tiny, life sized, paper ladybugs he'd made (because ladybugs bring me sanity). Either way, point is, it always seemed like something for everyone else, I don't guess I ever "got it."



Everywhere you go, everyone's advertising for Valentine's Day, I even saw little hearts stuck to the inside of the bullet proof glass at a subway attendant's kiosk.

I would not recommend trying to search "valentine" on etsy as you get over 250,000 page hits, and while some people have taken great care to make thematic items for their shop, a lot of people have just tagged everything in their shop with the word with no regard to any thematic relationship at all. Vexing.

So, we'll just skip all this and I'll look for something that reminds me of that giant amount of chocolate Mom would give me as soon as I came home from school. It would take me DAYS to eat that thing, and I loved ever moment of it.

Calabasas Candy Company actually had one of the best looking sets. They have a good variety of truffles, caramels and marshmallows, but I think their sampler box is probably the best for this blog topic. Beautiful 24 piece set of 6 flavors: Lavender Honey, Pecan Milk Chocolate, Maraschino Cherry, Rose Water, Dark Chocolate Fleur de Sel, and Champagne.

If their candies taste even half as good as their pictures look and description reads, then these would definitely be a good way to go! But also be sure to peek around at the various flavors of caramels and marshmallows as well, there are some very interesting options!


storybeader said...

what on earth? Hopefully that is a view from the basement... looking up to... outside? Looks like you are really snowed in! My sister is in Brooklyn, and I hear it's bad. But that looks horrible! Take care, {:-D

Izile said...

Yes, the stairs to the garden are in the basement (odd, I know) so yes, that's from the basement, looking up into the garden. Now it has ice on top of it, too! yeah!