Monday, March 28, 2011

Lil Update

A little update on Izile's Oddities. I have now finished my first version of Izile's Oddities the Official Website. It's very basic right now, graphics and information with links back to my etsy shop. I will, eventually, be making a self-standing full website, but I'm still rehashing my HTML, picking up CSS and trying to learn Ruby on Rails before I tackle a more comprehensive site.

Also, From Faerie is coming along nicely, I think. I finally added the Urisk salts for men (or unisex) to the etsy shop, along with the last 2oz sample of my GreenWoman Sugar Scrub (at least until my garden comes back from the winter and I start having plenty of fresh mint to work with again.)

I have been working on another line of bath products, but because of the difficulty in shipping larger/heavier items, I will probably only be selling them at markets in NYC this spring/summer. These will not be based on the realm of Faerie or fantasy at all. They will be based on cocktails. I have already recycled a very nice bottle of Patron Tequila into a container for some amazing Margarita scented bath salts. Lots and lots of super-fine lime zest and 100% Dead Sea Salts. If you're in the NYC area and come to a fair where I'm vending this spring/summer, you'll have to open the bottle and smell to believe it! It's intense and amazing to smell! I will also be making Tequila Sunrise salts, and possible other salts based around Chambord (black raspberry liqueur) and a fancy whiskey (again, maybe something for the guys).

So far, it looks like my first vending opportunity will be the Festival of Ideas in Manhattan, May 7th, along with other members of the {NewNew} etsy street team. Anyone in the NYC area at the time should come by and check it out!


So, the scent of the Urisk bath salts that I most recently put up is a wonderful combination of red cedar and cinnamon stick (such a different kind of scent when contrasted with "hot candy" smell that comes along with a lot of the essential oils.) And I actually baked a whole chunk of cedar and a cinnamon stick with the salts, and the smell when I pulled them from the oven was lovely! So I thought I'd look around etsy for other things similar to cinnamon and cedar.

I have featured them before (normally I don't like to repeat features), but this is a new product and technically a different shop, so consider it a bonus. Black Phoenix Trading Post has these new Sachets de Senteurs in their shop. The one here is Cedar, Cinnamon and Tonka, great for scenting your drawers or other intimate spaces.

The other shop that seemed to have the most to offer in the Cedar and Cinnamon scent family was Ten Digit Creations. Scents like "Witches Brew," blending cedar, cinnamon, patchouli and clove, can be bought as bar soap, body sprays, soy wax melts, perfume oil, solid perfume, scented sachets, and whipped body butter. With 22 pages of luscious stock and scent options, it's definitely worth taking a browse!

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Erika said...

I had a good laugh from your comment on my blog. The leather bra was found on etsy (I thought it would be neat to show)--I don't shop at any stores that carry those things:)