Friday, April 1, 2011


I don't really have much to talk about this week, but felt I needed to update anyway.

Just finished blending my next cocktail themed bath salt for the Festival of Ideas mentioned before. Tequila Sunrise salts, pink on the bottom, little fade, lots of orange all in a Patron bottle. Should smell amazing after a couple of days of curing


Searching "tequila sunrise" on etsy does come up with some gorgeously colored items!

For you knitters, I think the yarn is some of the prettiest options.

I think my favorite is the 20% bamboo, 80% superfine merino hand-dyed blend by MDKnits (Mother and Daughter Knits). The playful bright colors and gentle fading, it just really caught my eye.

The shop doesn't only sell hand dyed yarn skeins, though. They actually have 9 different sections for not only yarn but other knitting tools, and even some destashing beads. Cute little shop to peek around in, very colorful, and that's at least half the point of a tequila sunrise. :-)

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