Friday, March 4, 2011

March Madness

or Mad as a March Hare, or so many other colloquialisms about March and being a bit loony. Is it the cabin fever of a long winter? Is it the way the weather teases us with hope of spring with bright sunny days creeping up into the 50s only to turn around and without warning slam us back into winter and freezing temperatures? Who knows, but it does tend to be a mad month. And I'm certainly feeling a touch of it myself. There's this sense of looming, waiting, hanging in the air. I can't say I care for it much. I was once told over a decade ago that once we know something and can define it, we can then begin to cope and deal with it. True suffering and misery comes out of not knowing; because if you don't know, and you can't say what it is, then how can you even begin to cope? That always stuck with me, and I've never cared for any kind of situation that leaves me in "limbo" for too terribly long.


To go along with this little March madness rambling, next week is Mardi Gras! Not so much a big thing up here as it was back in the South, esp. closer to the coast and New Orleans. So, let's see what etsy has in the way of mad march mardi gras masks?

And that is how I found Black Orchid Designs. And wow, this is a pretty packed full etsy shop! 8 pages and 10 sections of goth, steampunk and "crazy stuff" including this carnival mask. She also has all sorts of falls (fake hair), clothing, and accessories. It will take you a while to look through all the great options, but it's a fun trip!

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