Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Moisturize Me! Moisturize Me!

Sorry, quick Doctor Who reference for comedy.

I have to admit, I'm not feeling terribly inspired in any new directions of late, and I don't want to rehash what I just said a post or 3 ago. I did complete the Tequila Sunrise salts for the Festival of Ideas coming in May. And I noticed this morning yet another empty bottle of Patron had been brought home for recycling, as well as an empty bottle of Makers Mark (something for the men?)

The only different thing that's really got my attention at this exact moment is shea butter. So
why not. The tricky thing when it comes to plugging etsy shops and items that deal with shea butter products is that the texture is what makes or breaks a good product; and that's just not something I can tell from reading/looking at pictures online. I know I restate these kinds of warnings a lot, but I also figure that people don't really back read through blogs like this very much, so redundancy would probably only be noticed by me, and any obsessive closeted stalkers that I might have.

That does remind me, though, I have gotten another 16oz milk jar style bottle and hope to be making more of the Fairy Milkmaid bath soak (shea butter pulsed with buttermilk powder. OH so lucsious and moisturizing in the bath!) soon.


I have extremely sensitive and problematic skin, so I really appreciate shops that have discounted samples of their products. I know it's not easy to provide samples, and definitely doesn't help the bottom line in the end at all (when I can, I do try and provide samples of my sugar and salt scrubs as cheaply as I can). So, when I find a shop that has a good product, and allows those of us who have to be more careful and particular a way to test something out, it makes me happy.

I will add that I also eliminated any bar soaps from my results, because I basically can't use any bar soaps due to aforementioned sensitivities. So, if the odds are I can't use it due to skin sensitivities, then I'm not going to promote it.

Boondock G out of Arkansas caught my attention because of the wide variety of 2oz samples of her cleansing sugar scrubs which contain a moisturizing shea butter and olive oil base. Her fragrance blends are also a little different in a very inticing and intriguing way! Private Stash lists notes of "apricots, dark honey, vanilla, orange and rose, pipe tobacco and labdanum;" while I think my favorite sounding scent combo, "Yuzu Berry," contains "yuzu, grapefuit and mandarin, with plums, berries, and white tea." Wow that sounds good! And, she has a $5.00 flat rate shipping charge, so that's hard to beat!

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Boondock G said...

Great blog Izile and thank you for the mention of my sugar scrubs!