Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Post!

I know I've been sorely neglecting this blog, and Izile's Oddities in general. Since the Festival of Ideas where I essentially sold out of everything, there's just been too much muck going on. I've fallen behind on bills and groceries and laundry and when you don't even have the time/energy to deal with those, well, etsy just has to take a backseat, I'm sorry to say.

But, today, I'm hoping to start doing better. (I just paid all my bills and am about to order groceries online, though laundry will have to wait for my next full day off.)

To those who reached out to me in email or mostly notes on DeviantArt, I appreciate it. Life has
been hard since April, and in all honesty, it's not going to be getting any less complicated or drama-rific on my side of the PC any time soon.

Oh, I do have a new toy! It was given to me by new friends who have been doing their best to help out with things since I got back from Mississippi after the tornadoes and all that.

Yup. Best I can describe it as an Elvish lightsaber. Now, I've been friends with a couple of the NY Jedi for a few years (love to the Melbat), but it's never been my scene. Now, I do love sword fighting, however. Fencing in college, some long sword after that, was even married to a ren-faire swordsman (regrettably) for over half a decade. And of course, I love fantasy of all kinds, and particularly anything with the classic bent of fantasy (elves, fairies, unicorns, dragons, griffins, wizards and all that). And I was absolutely speechless when I was given this beautiful thing (the blade is bright green, too! just out of batteries at the moment) and told if I was going to keep up my training (have been brushing up on my sword work and learning some staff work, too.) I would need something of my own. (I have a large collection of steel swords (some battle live, some stainless steel, some costume only) back in Mississippi, but it has proved problematic to get them up here - shipping being expensive and airlines frowning on that sort of thing.)

I am told it is a "Bob." Here's his Link: Advanced Light .Com

Go get your geek on!


I'm still holding up my thing about promoting something/someone not-me from etsy every post. So, I think we can guess what I searched on etsy today.

However, life is funny like that. I get a little uncomfortable with some of the copyright stuff on etsy. There's a lot of it out there. Some of it is rather dubious and in a grey-area, and is probably fine, and then there's lots of just blatant examples of full out copyright infringement being passed off as well. So, I try not to promote anything that I'm uncertain about. So, I ended up searching "sword" and found these awesome wall decals instead! Go figure!

Vinyl Wall Accents caught my attention with the pictured decal. If that doesn't also catch your attention, I don't know what would. There shop has over 21 pages of designing options, so yeah, take your time and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Married to a Ren Faire Swordsman "Regrettably"? Oh if only people knew the whole story. HOw he went to Mississippi with you despite being allergic to extreme heat and sun, the over 30,000 in debt trying to keep you happy and putting up with your Narcissistic personal. Forgive me, but as I recall this person even remained friends with you, helping you to cope with issues when you wondered "Why doesn't anyone like me." Believe me when I tell you, the regret was mutual. I think he preferred people with a soul.