Thursday, July 28, 2011

How Goes It?

I'm afraid I'm not being very good about keeping things updated this summer. The garden is coming back, but is still a work in progress. It's gotten completely cleaned up, and the ground's been reworked and the rain we've been getting has been great. However, unexpected expenses has made replanting a bit slow. I'm hoping that this week, as I had a little extra work the past couple of weeks, to be able to go buy herbs at the green market for the garden. I am STILL in great withdrawal over not having a bevy of fresh mints at my disposal.

But, there's progress, and the vegetables I planted well before the garden had its "problem" are rebounding well. Was able to feed myself last night completely from my garden. First time this year that's been possible and I was quite thrilled! The only thing that I think will not thrive is the okra, and I had kind of known that would be a gamble, trying to grow okra in Brooklyn.

I do finally have more 10.5 oz glass milk bottles for the From Faerie line, and another 5lbs of dead sea salts. So, once I have the herbal components, hopefully I can get that going again, too.

Sorry that I've been lax in my updates, here and on etsy (and even on Deviantart), but life just has a way of. . . well. .. being life.

Also, I've had a rash of people on DeviantArt contacting me about custom work, spending days discussing options with them, and then in the end, they back out of the commission. I think I'm going to start charging a $1.00 to be applied towards the final cost for all custom work, just so I'm not spending days working with people only for them to walk away with all the information and details and me end up with just a bunch of wasted time.


So, I've been having massive issues with stress over the past few months for those who've been reading my sporadic updates. And all these little niggling minor irritations (like a bunch of people taking advantage of me as in the aforementioned DeviantArt issue) are not helping. DAMMIT PEOPLE! I'M BROKE! I do NOT have unlimited time and money to just give every single person on the internet FREE how-tos and information and step-by-step instructions or the people who just want me to give them things for free because, I dunno, they're just selfish and greedy I guess and don't care that every $10 MATTERS to me.


so yes, stressed.

So, what helps with stress? Bathes. Yes, yes, yes, but etsy is covered up with bath products. Hmm, how about, bathes and. . UNICORNS! A blast from my childhood, and. .

Wow, found Medusa's Apothecary (awesome name!) and Unicorn Horn Bath "Spell" ? An 8oz blend of Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Ultra Epsom Salt, Wet Salts and. . unicorn horn. I do like the packaging, gives it a real old feel!

I'm not entirely clear on what the scent is, this is the cut/paste from her description: "UNICORN HORN- The Side Show is about to begin, grab your Cotton Candy, Raspberry Snow Cone, Lemon Drop and other assorted treats." I would assume that would be the scent description.

The shop is fairly new, (1 sale) but has a few nice options of salts and lotions, all with very similar old world mythological styling - a plus in my book!


Swapna said...

Wow.. that Unicorn label looks real ancient..and lovely..Thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

.....Unicorn....Horn......I'm offended. Unicorn Horns are not for bath products and the mere mention of it to promote a product is sick.

Lady Karei of Arundel