Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Strange Days

August always brings strange days to my door. It's only a couple of days in and already things are getting odd - and for me, that's saying something!

Today, almost nothing has happened at all at work, except for a couple who came in from the building next door to complain that they couldn't sleep because our a/c unit was too loud.

I work in midtown Manhattan, by the way.


But enough of all that. I recently met another New York etsy seller, and really dug their creations! So, here's my plug for today's blog as I give a shout out to Dark Side Customs!

As you might have guessed from the name, there is a Star Wars influence to some of their ideas, but don't expect to see anything overt, like tiny light sabers, or cuff links in the shape of Darth Vaders helmet in the shop! The general aesthetic is much more classical in the fantasy style with a good bit of Victorian and steampunk influences, particularly in some of his more recent pieces.

One of my personal favorites is the filigree ring with simulated opal. Though, if you want something a little more along the lines of cogs and gears, they've got you covered there, too! And with modest prices starting at just over $12.00, there's options that won't make your wallet shed a single tear!

Definitely worth the browsing, and we're looking to see lots more from them in the future!


Dark Side Customs said...

You're awesome!!!

adina said...

because Midtown Manhattan is such a quiet little town and all...

Love that ring by the way!!