Monday, August 29, 2011


So yes, the hurricane made it up to Brooklyn, it kinda died there, and we got away with almost no damage whatsoever, but I know others weren't quite so fortunate. My brother in Baltimore had 7 trees down on his property, one took out his deck and they're still without power, but all in all, that's not so bad either. I also had a friend who had a tree fall on his house in New Jersey, but he said no structural damage was done. A lot to be thankful for!

I had realized before the storm reached us that it was actually going to hit on Sunday, during the New Moon! How fortuitous a conjunction for a force of change and cleansing! So I decided to put out my non-lead crystal catching bowl and harvest water from the storm for this new From Faerie

item. From Faerie: Dark Storm Ritual Water. Water collected during the new moon, during the hurricane, and charged chunks of labradorite, one of the few gemstones that resonates so well with the storm elemental.

Obviously there is only a very finite amount of how many of these I can make, and once gone, they're gone. Hurricanes are very rare this far north, and the odds of another one coming up so high and hitting during the right moon phase just aren't likely!

Labradorite, the element of Storm, and the New Moon are all symbolically tied to deep cleansing as well as dramatic change and new beginnings.


There's really not much on etsy under the "storm element" category, so instead, I just typed in "Storm" and sorted out to "Everything Else."

What I found was Savage Dryad Creations (great name!) and their Storm Call Incense. She also used the term "wildcrafting" which I've been seeing a lot lately but was not familiar with. When I looked it up on-line, it said it was the gathering of plant materials from their natural (wild) habitat for medicinal or herbal uses. I've been wildcrafting all this time and didn't know there was a name for it! Neat! I also like the fact she uses only 100% pure herbs, no fillers, oils or additives.

The shop has a very eclectic blend - which I like - of products ranging from a good variety of incenses, to jewelry, paintings, altered masks and even flutes! Definitely worth the browse!

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