Monday, August 22, 2011

Interim Ideas

Wanted to give a little update and ask opinions. I am coming into a small stash of 15ml glass bottles, and been pondering what to do with it. I'm not entirely sure that this will fall under From Faerie, or if it will be more along the lines of my Magic Vial pendants. . . just not pendants.

The idea is to revisit one of my original concepts from years gone by and make magic oils for alter/candle anointing. They would be very similar to the formulas and intents in the Magic Vial pendants, but much larger and with enough oil to actually use. To start, I will keep it basic. One for each of the four elements, a lunar and a solar oil, and either a Fae oil or something along the lines of the more generically nature driven "Deep Forest" oil I had made all those years ago back in the Tennessee days. Of course, as always, custom orders will be available in case anyone wants to commission a bottle for a zodiac or a personal issue they'd like addressed (health, love, success, etc.) Also, to keep cost affordable, the percentage of gemstones used in the bigger bottles will be lower (it would take a LOT of gemstones to fill a 15ml bottle as full as my pendants look!) but since there is so much more room, I'll be able to really up the herb quotient.

Anyway, would love to hear thoughts, comments, suggestions, questions, about what any

potential customers might think about this.


So, on a slightly related tangent, before all this I had found a new interesting shop called Wishing Thorn. They make some of the most beautiful old vintage style labeled bottles. This baneberry piece is a favorite of mine from their shop. And, I think it's a nice touch that she also sells these labels as stickers in a wide variety of styles and types, so if you have your own vintage style bottles that you'd like to decorate, you can do that bit yourself! You can also find, in a similar style, her own art prints, photography and book plates as well. Beautiful work!

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