Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Working Smarter, not Harder

It's a goal at any rate. But see! I'm trying to blog more regularly again. I think the secret to cramming in everything is going to be in multi-tasking. (also, how much can I get done during my lunch hour and breaks at the day job?) I admit, out of all the balls I'm trying to keep in the air, my etsy shop is suffering the most this summer, and I kick myself almost daily about that, but still haven't had time to just sit down for a few straight hours and craft, and photograph and upload, etc.

My mint is finally starting to run (was able to put some orange mint in my homemade sweet tea last night) and the garden, though late, is looking good (except for the okra, didn't think okra would like Brooklyn). And I'm excited to make a piece with the pineapple mint which is bi-colored!

I also want to start curing some salts for more From Faerie products. I haven't been able to procure more Himalayan pink salts for a rate I can afford, but I do have plenty of Dead Sea Salts and Epsom Salts. And my homemade vanilla sugar is just about cured to the point where I could make more Green Woman Sugar Scrub; though I wasn't able to get chocolate mint for my garden, so this incarnation might either have straight spearmint or I might see how the orange or pineapple mint combines with it. I know pineapple isn't exactly a Celtic scent, but it does smell lovely and I bet it would blend well with the vanilla sugar! Yum!


Think I know what to search on etsy for, then :-) "pineapple mint."

And the Frisky Bumblebee from Nashville, TN has a Pineapple Mojito line of products! Swank! They have olive oil based hand lotion, hand soap and even a soy candle in a bright blend of Pineapple, Mint and Cilantro! As an added bonus, there's free shipping in the continental U.S.!

If you fancy one of their other scents, you can find cleansers, scrubs, body sprays and even what they dub their "massage gloss" which can be applied straight to the skin, into the bath water, or right after a shower; and the sound of the lemongrass coconut milk sounds lovely (and also makes me want Thai food. mmmm. lunch time)

and with that digression, my lovelies, I leave you to browse this foodie-inspired bath, body and home shop and go to find my own lunch.

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