Monday, October 17, 2011

FAE Team Exhibit

Month is getting crazier. I probably should have just put everything on hiatus for October the way it's run. Roommate has moved out, and my parents are coming to visit for the two weeks before the new roommate moves in. I've been working over 12+ hours a day (8-9 hours at jobs, then 4 or more once I get home) to get the old room redone so I can move in, and get my old room clean for the new girl to move in. Parents show up either tomorrow or Wednesday, and the room still isn't done yet. So. Tired. I do appreciate everyone who's been so patient with me. Just barely had any time to even eat and sleep, after all the work has been done, and I can't really do much of my etsy work while I'm at my day-job. Hopefully things will calm down once November gets here.


In better news, the Fantasy Artists of Etsy have another exhibit! A spooky fall exhibit entitled, Midnight Dark and Dreary! Perfect timing guys and gals!

Click on the banner to go and see what the FAE folks of etsy are up to!

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