Friday, November 18, 2011

Cocktails, Anyone?

We're just going to skip over what my week's been like and skip to the plug!

Today's search them was how people interpret classic cocktails into non-comestible crafts.

And I'm skimming over things like "cocktail rings" and "cocktail dresses." I'm thinking more like margarita bath salts (but not those specifically, 'cause I sometimes make those for in person sale only (the weight of a full 750ml Patron bottle full of dead sea salts and lime is very prohibitive to shipping and handling).

The first thing I came across made me laugh. I hadn't really thought I'd type in "cocktail" and hit quirky greeting cards, but Frantic Meerkat just spoke to my snark-side too loudly to be denied. And yes, they do tie into drinking! It's hard to pick only one to feature, but since the theme is cocktails and drinking, I thought I'd stick with the first one I read that made me laugh (though, "Let's get drunk and eat waffles" came close second!)

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