Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So the holidays are here and across the country you can hear wallets weeping. I just found Plaid Friday today and fully support the idea of voting for economic change with your holiday purchases.

The idea of voting with your shopping dollars is simple: every time you spend a dollar you are telling the company you gave that money to, "I support what you're doing. Keep doing it!" If you take a moment to think about where your dollars go, what companies you're voting for, as it were, you might not like the way it feels.

Especially with the help of the internet today, there's no reason why you have to do your holiday shopping at massive chain stores that only feed the corporate monster. We have etsy and craft markets and independent artisans and even small businesses all over the country. And when you give them your money, you're not only telling them, "I support what you're doing. Keep doing it!" You're sending a message to the big companies' bottom lines, saying just the opposite. And the more people vote with their money, the more of an effect it will have.

And I want to support this. I've already planned to do the bulk of my holiday shopping at craft fairs, with local artisans, and through sites like etsy where my money will go directly to the craftsman. (There will also be lots of homemade gifting)

But how to get Izile's Oddities as a participant. I will (hopefully) be vending at at least one local market during December (more details once confirmations are in), but I also want to do something on line.

I haven't exactly decided yet what the sale will be, BOGO half off, buy 2 get 1 free, free mini gift with purchase. . . I dunno what would work best at this point.

I do think I'm going to reopen Izile's Oddities to the barter system, however. If you see something in Izile's Oddities that you would like to get someone as a gift, but are a little strapped on cash (as aren't we all!) and you can barter something that I need/want to give someone as a gift, then we can trade!


So, speaking of plaid, let's see what pops up when you enter that into etsy's search engine.

I can't even elucidate why, particularly, but The Swan Art just compels me. Brightly graphic prints with clean lines and clever silhouettes, that somehow come across as homey and even a bit autumnal. Maybe I'm just projecting my feelings onto my favorite pieces, but there's something comforting about the plaid printed deer head . . .

I will also note that there are other deer head poses, lots of color options, including plain color blocking with no pattern; and there are also prints of silhouettes of chairs and a few different styles of chandeliers. All very interesting!

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Brenda said...

I like this idea! I've already done some of my Christmas shopping on Etsy and every day I look for more things I can buy for my gift list.