Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feeling Better

Doing much better, though I've been house/pet sitting all this week (and will continue to through the rest of the week), so I don't really have much as far as an update goes for Izile's Oddities.

Still, want to try and not let the blog lay fallow too long; so, if nothing else, more random etsy plugs!


I recently stumbled across this artist on etsy, and have wanted to do a detailed plug for her shop for a little while.  I can't remember the last time I saw anything like her stock!  It reminds me of how back in the 90's I loved to collect those small, intricately detailed, pewter fantasy sculptures. (Anyone remember what I'm talking about? Like Spoontiques?)  I had tons of dragons, and a few unicorns, too.  There was always some really poorly done, cheap pieces, and then really nicely done, more expensive pieces.  I loved them!

Well, at Mystic Swan, it's like she was able to take those fantasy sculptures, cast them in sterling silver and gold, and then form them into jewelry!  Each piece is cast from original wax carvings, so her works are very different from anything else out there!

Now, I will admit, the pieces at this shop are more expensive than my normal features (I tend to try and keep things either under $50 or sometimes just under $100 for the budget-minded (like myself) ), however, her work is just too special to not feature; and there are a few pieces under $100 (one shown above left).  But, consider!  You are buying wearable sculpture cast in precious metals!  These are not insubstantial pieces, and Sharon (the artist) has done every process of each piece herself!

It's really hard to pick a favorite in this shop, so I'm picking three.  The above piece is just under $100 and features two of her fairies.  The piece shown here at right, is a close up of a pendant of one of her unicorns - you know I love unicorns - for just under $200.  Just look at the detail and polish in this piece!  It's gorgeous! The way the wood of the tree is gnarled and detailed against the high shine of the unicorns coat!  Beautiful!

She has a few selections of unicorns and pegasi to go along with a bevy of fairies, dragons and mermaids.  And while I seem to inadvertently be favoring necklaces, she also does bracelets, earrings, and rings (oh, there's a gorgeous swan ring!!) as well.  And as I said, she does some work in 14K gold as well.  I'm not so big on yellow gold, plus I'd never be able to afford those pieces, so I'm sticking with sterling!  And, one of my absolutely favorite pieces of her, definitely at the high end, but just go to her shop and look at all the pictures and see the amazing detail (right down to the clasp) and you can get an idea of the amazing quality going on here.  

So, go look at the shop - if you love fantasy I promise you you'll fall in love with at least one item, if not the whole shop!  

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