Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

OK, lil less than 12 hours early; but I really hope to not be spending much time on the computer tomorrow - woot! day off - so I thought I'd go ahead and post it now.

I do have yet another goodie for the etsy shop to show off here, today.  Nearly 3 carats (10 mm x 10 mm x 6 mm deep) of trillion cut Aquamarine set in sterling silver!  There's another shot in the listing on my etsy shot ( Izile's Oddities )   that shows the dichroism of the gem, where it looks more pale green-greyish.  There's also another that is shot through a loupe, and when you click on it twice to get the full size, you get a real good look at it!


So, for the plug today, my favorite part of July 4th has always been the fireworks.  I don't get to see them much since I moved since pedestrian fireworks are illegal in NYC and since Macy's moved the fireworks over the Hudson from the East River, people in Queens and Brooklyn can't see them! (Boooo!!!!)

Well, on etsy, if you enter the search key "fireworks" you get over 5,000 entries, so it gave me plenty to choose from!  Well, and surprised a favorite of mine I've been meaning to plug but apparently haven't has a new piece based around fireworks!  Marty Magic Jewelry caught my attention years before etsy existed.  Unless I am horribly mistaken, I first saw one of his signature sterling silver ear clips (no piercings required for many!! big reason I took notice!) in Dancing Dragon Catalog when I was a teenager!   I was so surprised (and thrilled) when I stumbled upon it a few months back and recognized the silver dragon wrapped around the outside edge of the ear.  He has more than a few variations on that theme now, not to mention pages of other critters and designs - and not just for your ears, either!  Now offering over 300 items in sterling silver, 14K gold and bronze - there's so much to look through, I definitely recommend browsing.

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Sandra said...

I wish, I could come to on Independence Day but anyway love your blog. I loved the above pieces and was about to get a necklace of smokey quartz beads on Independence Day but two days ago I got.