Friday, July 6, 2012

Moonlight Masquerade

It's time for another FAE (Fantasy Artists of Etsy) Exhibit update!  This month the theme is "Moonlight Masquerade," and there's some really nice pieces on display!

My own (shown at right) Dark Celestial mask (first mask for etsy) is in the listings.  Several years ago I took a trip to Venice and we happened upon a local shop that had gessoed blank masks in bins for sale.  My sister and I both bought a handful for personal use.  Well, just this spring-cleaning, she decided she was going to get rid of all of her blanks - which I couldn't let happen; so now I have duplicates!  I don't really think I need 10 masks all for myself, and a friend of mine suggested I make some for sale (though, she's thinking that in August I take them to this brick and mortar place for the early Halloween shoppers.  So, this is just mask #1; and probably all the masks I manage to make before fall really hits will go to this shop in Manhattan, rather than to etsy.  They'll go on etsy (like this one) in the meantime, but once people start their early shopping for Halloween (apparently late August/early September), they'll all be going there.  Also going to try and figure out how to line the insides.  I don't mind the Venetian plaster, myself.  Been wearing my Sylvan mask to every mask-wearing occasion that's come up and it's comfy and durable and I lurves it!


For the rest of the goodies created by the FAE team (including more masks by other artists!)  Click the banner below

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Pink said...

Beautiful Mask, such fun colors I would love to see it on a face ;)