Monday, July 9, 2012

Updates and a mini-Sale!

I had a busy weekend; but in the good, staying and home, being productive way.  Not the chaotic, running around, having no time to even cook, kind that have been more prevalent recently.

For one, I finished my first ring for etsy!  A nice sterling silver sweep that aligns 3 citrine ovals on the diagonal.  I really like it!  The two outside ovals (4 x 6 mm) are really pale and yellow, and the center stone (5 x 7 mm) is a much richer, golden-orange color.  Size 7, great piece for the index finger as the band is a bit more substantial than the normal delicate settings I prefer to wear myself.  

Also, my Aquamarine pendant sold on etsy, yesterday, too!  So yay!

That, and I also made 4 new Magic Vial Pendants to go into the shop; I've been neglecting them a bit, I admit, as I've been wanting to play and learn about this new style of jewelry (new to me, obviously).  I really like the "Coming Storm" one shown here.  The mix of Amethyst and Labradorite really plays well together, and I love the strong blue fire in this Labradorite.  

Which brings me to the mini-sale I'm wanting to try out.  (There are still some vials on sale at my shop, up to 20% off!)  But, I'm running low on my bulb bottom vials, and on sterling silver wire . . . so in order to drum up some extra funds, for the first time, I'm going go offer a sale on custom Magic Vial pendant orders.  If you agree to use the smaller, straight vial, and use either brass, copper or silver-toned wire for your custom, I will start them at $5.00!  

Standard custom rules apply: (50% payment up front before construction to guarantee sincerity.  Some gemstones, such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, for example, will cost extra depending on current market price, and so on ...) 

To give a couple of examples:

You could order a custom Leo zodiac charm (since that's the next one up), get brass wrapping on a small straight vial, get tiger's eye and quartz crystal and it would only cost $5.00!

OR, you could custom order a love charm and pick garnet and ruby(+$3) in copper and it only be $8.00!

Feel free to contact me on Etsy or on DeviantArt, either way, if you'd be interested in your own custom blended Magic Vial Pendant!


One of the things I aspire to, somewhat distantly, is learning PMC (Precious Metal Clay) working.  There are some classes in the area, but they aren't cheap, and the materials/equipment are certainly cost prohibitive as well - definitely not something you can easily jump into blind without risking a lot of money.  Well, I definitely don't have that much to risk, so I want to try and save up for real classes.

You can find a lot of great examples of PMC work on etsy; and not all of it is just pressing stamp molds (not what I want to do at all!).  I've had some clay sculpting classes, so I'm hoping to approach PMC more from that angle.  

The sculpted nature of this bypass ring, with seashell and mermaid is a beautiful example of what can be done with PMC!  This piece is by Great Escape Jewelry, a small shop out of L.A. where all their jewelry has a very strong affinity to the ocean.  There's lots of beautiful mermaids, shells, sea glass and pieces of coral and shell.  Perfect for summer once you spend all day at the office dreaming of the beach! 

Go say hi to the mermaids and stay for the starfish :-)

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