Thursday, March 28, 2013


. . . they are a comin'.  This week has had a few surprises.  On Monday, I was told due to the consolidation of offices, my position was becoming redundant, and I would no longer be needed after Friday.  In other words, back to being on the hunt for a new day-job.  (On the plus side, already had one fairly good interview on Wednesday, so that's promising).  Some of my coworkers have been really nice this week - been handing out lots of business cards, and one receptionist even bought my vintage amethyst earrings that I had on etsy until today.  And, it will give me some time to catch up on things with Izile's Oddities that have been slacking since I got sick a while back.

One of the things I hope to keep working on is the new From Faerie line.  I've already had one sale in that section, my new Unicorn Milk Bath (shown here).  And I have two more milk bath blends that need to be finished up, bottled and labeled.  There will be scrubs in the future as well.  Right now, for the salt scrubs, I'm taking my time and testing variations on some friends to get just the right texture of salts and sugars and just the right blend of oils.  I might come out with some uber-simple sugar scrubs in the meantime; I've been dreaming of both a brown sugar, honey, coffee scrub, and a sakura (cherry blossom) scrub as well.   - Just a note, I do plan to do a BIG Sakura post in the future, where I'll be featuring some sakura sweets and recipes as well as hopefully jewelry and a bath treat!!


Another new surprise was I was invited to join a new etsy street team called Enchanted Etsy!  Runs a little parallel to the Fantasy Artists of Etsy that I'm already a member of, but seems to have a slightly different focus and a few different shops.

You can find the Facebook Fan Page for the street team at Enchanted Etsy and you can find goods sold by the members of Enchanted Etsy by searching "enchantedetsy" (one word) in the search bar at

The organizer for this little group runs The Evergreen Nest, based out of South Carolina, and has a beautiful and eclectic assortment of candles, fairy crowns, hair clips, fairy-inspired earrings, miniature polymer sculptures, and even fairy nests!  I think the nests are one of the most adorable and unique items that she offers; and since it's even in her shop name; that's the item I'm going to plug today. (though I think you should go and check out everything else, as well!)

The fairy nests are sorted by color, and look like tiny birds nests filled with all sorts of fairy treasures.  The nests contain pretty buttons, bits of colorful ribbon and feather, vials of color coordinated fairy dust, and bits of quartz crystals.  I can definitely imagine this set out on an alter or windowsill to help attract the fae, or as one of the little fine touches to decorate a room you want to give a more fanciful treatment to.  She also offers the ability to custom order your own nest, if the color combo you want isn't currently available.

The group is new yet, and a lot of members haven't had a chance to get many of their items up on the "enchantedetsy" tag search - so keep going back and checking regularly to see what's new as more members find time to tag their items into the search!

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