Monday, April 15, 2013

April Showers and Beltane Beauties

I am in some pain this morning.  It's beautiful pain.  Well earned pain.  And I'm procrastinating going out and compounding it further, but it will happen.

Over the weekend got out in the garden and installed a little 3 x 30 chicken wire fence inside the already existing fence to 1) discourage critters that could fit through the regular chain link, and 2) give small vine seedlings something to cling on to for the first 18 inches.  I had help with the trench digging to bury the bottom wire, but still, lots of digging, moving soil, some moderate heavy (for me) lifting; and in the end of the day, a nice 3 mile long walk, because it's finally getting warm enough I can get outside like I want.  So yes, woke up this morning with my back, shoulders, and legs all jockeying for who wants to bitch the loudest this morning.  Still, once I'm settled and have had some food, I need to go back out in the yard and do some more basic maintenance, and maybe even walk another mile or so down to the nearby plant shop and see if there's anything I can go head and plant before the next big rain tomorrow (and again on Thursday - I do hope ONLY April is this wet, unlike last year when most of my garden drowned).


Elsewhere on the internet, the FAE team is doing their monthly exhibit, gearing up for Beltane in May:

The Fantasy Artists of Etsy has really been growing the membership and the variety and workmanship of the items featured this month is really great!  Just click the banner to go see the new goodies!

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