Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday 13th!

I'm currently having rather mixed feelings about Etsy these days, after the last update and s***-storm that followed their decision to piss off tons of people and become more like ebay.

But I'm not here to really get into all that right now.

I haven't been posting, because I don't know how I feel about always doing the etsy plug every post, when, I, myself, am thinking I won't be buying through etsy anymore.  I will try and find sellers who have their own .coms, or sell on other sites, and buy that way.  I'm not very comfortable at the moment with etsy, either as a seller (haven't put anything new up since this debacle), or as a buyer.

However, a lot of etsy sellers do have their own .coms (like Dryad Tea .com and I know Dark Side Customs is working on a way to sell off-etsy, too. ) - and that way you're still buying from a small, craftsperson/artisan and supporting the little guy, but you aren't having to worry about politics and drama that are apparently inevitable when idealistic young companies like Etsy was 8 years ago turn into mega-corp "to hell with the little guy" monsters like Ebay.  For now, at least (until Etsy decides to follow Ebay even more, and start banning links from etsy shops to independent .coms), etsy shop owners can still link off-site to their own personal sites for sales, giving you the choice on how you want to purchase.

I guess this will be my first post where I don't like back to etsy.  Instead, go look at some pretties, as Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (who has etsy shops and their own .coms) has just put up the first part of their Halloween update!  FUN!!

(I love this graphic this year! They're working with an amazing artist!)

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