Monday, June 8, 2015

Long Time No Speak

I believe it's been over a year since I've posted over here, and I realize probably everyone's unfollowed this by now, which is OK - but on the off chance that some didn't and will get an automatic reminder...

I've put up a clearance sale at Izile's Oddities.  Coupon Code: CLEAROUT15 - it will get you 20% off anything $15 and over.  I haven't really had time for my etsy shop or my arts and crafts much over the past year+.  Juggling a 40 hour work week at a day job I adore, plus my "new" food blog and foodie interests at South Eats North, plus all the other little things I'm apparently not willing to pull back on to make the time... it has ended up being more than a matter of adjustment after all.  I won't say it's forever, but I will say it's at least indefinite. I kind of hope maybe if I can empty the shop, I might be inspired by the blank space to try something new or different.  Maybe I've just felt too confined and limited by nearly 10 years of Magic Vial Pendants, and a fairly unsuccessful foray into seeing if I could get into real gemstone jewelry - (I think in the end, my designs might just be too simple, not original enough, not different enough, too basic.)  I've been waiting to feel a spark, a motivation a surge of inspiration - and when it comes, it just doesn't come in that part of my life right now.

So, I'm a little sad, a little disappointed in myself, but maybe a little hopeful what might come if I take a moment to rethink things and regroup.

I miss it.

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