Sunday, October 5, 2008

FAE (Fantasy Artists of Etsy) Fright Night Exhibit!

So, the FAE Street Team has released another exhibit! This time, just in time for Halloween. So, here's FRIGHT NIGHT!

As always, there's lots of great things to look at from a wide variety of fantasy artists.

I do have ONE slight grumble with the street team I'm supposed to belong to. That being that half the time I'm not even in the members lists on their websites, and the other half of the time, they can't spell my name or link right. *grumble*

You will notice that two of my items are included in fright night under ANOTHER SHOP'S NAME! The Pirate Treasure Chest and Vampire Repellent are NOT by TIZIB! I'm *IZILE.* Yes, I know it's a unique name, I like it because it's unique, but it's not difficult people! Come on! Say it with me now "EYE-ZULL" That's right, IZILE!

Sorry, we'll now stop the whinging and return you to your regular scheduled promotional blog.


Since we're talking about fantasy and halloween, how about Creatures by Chelsea. She has a variety of felted ears for the perfect finishing touch to your costume.

You don't have to deal with messy spirit gum, or worry about if your own ear is too big, or too small, or too pointed, or crumbled, or if it was bitten off by Mike Tyson. These attach with headbands. She makes them in all sorts of various shapes and colors as well. So definitely a great place to look for any would-be hobgoblins, yodas, or Deedlits.

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