Saturday, January 17, 2009

Keep on Pushing

I think that's a good way to put how we're all feeling these days. We're like buried seeds under the snow; it's rough and hard and we're none to happy about where we are right now, but if we want to see the sun again, there's only one thing to do. Keep on pushing. And it's not easy to keep on pushing. The ground is hard and it's cold and there's snow on top and bitter winds waiting after that. We may want to give up, stay down in the dirt, and just rot away; but then we'll certainly never see the sun again!

And if I can convince myself of this, it will be a bigger miracle than the one on the Hudson River that all my antennae channels talk about non-stop.

So, I've posted three new pieces for upcoming February occasions. Another Rose pendant (this time with Sterling Silver, rubies and garnets), two more Heart themed pendants; and a pair of Magic Vial Earrings. I had one set of screw-back/clip-on fobs, so I figured, what the hell. They're a very basic "Fairy" theme with mixed Fluorite shards, fresh Thyme sprigs with striped Fluorite charms dangling off the bottom. All told they're just about 2.5" long, so that's a bit of dangle!

I also decided to try my hand at an odd little recycling project. I had an amazing collection of t-shirts back as a teenager, though I had a propensity for insisting on Large and X-Large t-shirts, even when I was never bigger than a Small, at best. So, over the holidays, I harvested some of my old favorite t-shirts and did some experimenting. I made myself my own Upcycled Grocery Tote, for shopping here in the city out of my old "Dolphin Spirit" tee, even lined it in corresponding aqua colored vinyl (duct tape). It's already proved very handy! So, I made another and gave it to my brother's wife; and have put one up on Etsy. The one on Etsy is a wrap around design of Escher's Mobius Ants lined in dark purple colored vinyl (duct tape). I think they're kinda spiffy, myself.


And speaking of vinyl (NOT duct tape in this case! *LOL*), I've been eyeing a new product I've somehow been oblivious to for quite a long time; and now I'm FASCINATED!

Wall decals! I know, probably everyone else already knows all about them and is either already ho-hum over the idea or just never got the appeal. BUT I LIKE IT!

I will state, that I am not personally a fan of the text ones; I prefer the graphic designs.

And today, I actually went through all 312 pages of wall decals. *whew*

Single Stone Studios is my pick today (though there were a few close runners-up in this field).

I like them because they have a real classy edge, where it's easy to go too silly; and they're lines seem delicate, sharp and crisp (three things I really appreciate in graphic design). The CherryBlossom Branch with birds is extremely eyecatching and elegant; but for the current economy, I'd go with the Flourishes with Bird.

Though, once I get another day job so I can afford superfluous purchases, such as food and heat, I may have to see about the prices on custom designs. We have a fascinations with chickens here at Casa de Yonderville, and I think a variation of Birds on a Wire with pigeon, pigeon, chicken, pigeon might just be approved by all the roommates for the living room.

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