Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Damn Economy!

So, everyone's got it rough. The last sale I tried did not go over well, and between that and having problems finding a day job, well. . . I am now officially sold out of vials to do custom Magic Vial Pendants. I'm wrapping up the last 2 that have just come in, and then it's just what I have in stock on etsy for a while. I will update when I am able to restock my empty bottles; and it hopefully won't be too long, but it won't be next week either.

Our microwave just blew up 10 minutes ago, so there's another lovely unexpected expense for our little apartment full of the unemployed. Yeah, "eeeewww" is right.

I do have three new "experiments" up on my etsy shop, however. Since I'm out of empty bottles, I went through my gemstone stash and dug out the larger gemstones that I have not had the heart to break down; they're just too pretty as they are. I've tried to come up with very simple wire wrappings that will securely hold the gemstones, but obstruct their natural beauty as little as possible.

I have three that I've just listed. A tear-drop shaped turquoise pendant with a trailing dangle of decreasing sized turquoise chips, in sterling silver; a shaft of kunzite wrapped in 14K goldfilled wire; and a beautiful polished amethyst with a very interesting natural geometric design (see pic), also in sterling silver.

And yes, if I haven't already cleared the sale with you (you know who you are), then no, the sale is over. These pieces, since their simple experiments, are $10.00 a piece; almost breaking even considering what the gemstones themselves cost.


So, for today's plug, how about Kunzite? It's a great gemstone, overlooked and underappreciated. It's got great symbolism and is an interesting combination of soft pink color and frequently amazing transparency. It reminds me a lot of Kyanite in it's structure, though it doesn't seem to be nearly as fragile, nor as murky.

My favorite example on etsy is this piece, rightfully called "Simplicity, " by Kasia Blue.

It's made from polished piece of alternating pink and cream kunzite and sterling silver. Not only that, but it's on sale!

Kasia Blue also has a wide selection of one of my favorite styles of cut gemstones: briollets. Her jewelry is very clean and fresh looking, perfect for spring! And her prices are good, particularly for this damnable economy!

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