Friday, February 20, 2009

New Shipment!

So, I got my refund and was able to buy a new lot of empty bottles for my Magic Vial Pendants. As an extra little bit of interest, I ordered 6 bottles in a different shape from my standard "potion" vials. My latest addition to the shop, "Desert Small," is made using one of these vials. The smaller vials take more wire to wrap, but hold less contents, so they're a little less expensive. This one is $12.00 for Sterling Silver and genuine Turquoise.

And since I'm reopening Commissions, I thought it might be a good idea to recap available elements, including new additions.

Wire choices:

*20 gauge craft silver-toned wire (included in base cost)
*24 gauge copper wire ($1.00 additional)
*20 gauge brass wire ($1.00 additional) *NEW*
*20 or 22 gauge sterling silver wire ($2.00-$3.00 additional)
*22 gauge 14K gold-filled wire ($5.00 additional)

Gemstone choices:

I still have too extensive a gemstone collection to really list all possibilities. Plus, I can acquire a lot of gemstones that I cannot keep in my general stock. However, this is a list of limited quantity options.

*One shot of Yellow Sapphire (last of my fancy sapphires)
* One shot of Peacock Ore
* One tiny genuine Emerald
* Getting low on Pink Tourmaline, and
* Roughly 2 shots of iridescent Opal

All other gemstones supplies are in sufficient enough supply to not be worth noting.


Now, the thing that I've heard, is that when times are tough, people still like to treat themselves, but they like to do it in a small, affordable manner. I have to admit, this is definitely what I'm hoping for, as even my most expensive pendant has never exceeded $30.00. So, I decided to look for other affordable, economy friendly treats.

One thing I always have a weakness for is pendants (obviously). :-)

Tia 02 has a lot of cute Asian inspired pendants, in the $4.00 - $9.00 range. These pendants are polymer clay shapes with floral Asian print paper baked onto the tops and then finished with glazes. They are fairly simple, but with the oriental themes and patterns, it seems very sharp and clean.

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Athena's Armoury said...

Love the new shape vial! They are always so magical regardless of shape, though.