Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Sale!

So there's a lot of snow all over the place. And to (celebrate?) I'm having a bit of a "snow sale." All my Magic Vial Pendants made during this winter have been reduced by $1.00 - $3.00!

The pictured vial is Winter Greens, with aventurine and a cactus bud, and is down to $10.00.

There will be a batch of new vials up soon, just having some computer problems I'm trying to get straightened out.


So, the theme for featuring this week is obviously snow. Now there's too many "snow" themed items on etsy to just touch on one artist. So I've just picked a few of my favorites.

On the high end of the scale, I may have found a new shop to drool over in my daydreams. Made By Elves is based out of London and has this gorgeous snow themed necklace: Snow Blossom. The pendant is made of sterling silver, rainbow moonstone drops and pure silver leaves. It's close to $500, but a truly original and beautiful peice!

I realize, however, that most of us can't be parting with that kind of cash, particularly in the current economy! So, I've selected a secondary high end feature (over $100, but not by much) for today's posting.

Fantasy World Heroes "Snow Skirt" is much more practical, but an ingenius idea! I, myself, has issues with Reynaud's, so I'm always cold in the winter, and anything to help keep the cold away is a good thing! Her Snow Skirts are outerwear items meant to be worn over your clothes, like a wrap-around jacket from the waist down. They have a good selection of sizes and colors, all quilted and lined with contrasting fabric. The only thing I'd like to see is an option without the faux fur. I am not a fan of faux fur, as it's made from petro-chemicals, isn't recyclable and doesn't biodegrade. But aside from that, it's a brilliant idea!

But fear not, ye small of budget! Etsy is a wonderful place to shop whether you have quantities of disposable cash or only a small stipends!

So, let's skip on down to the $50 area. Couvert has the most darling pair of sheepskin slippers! Creme de la creme Highland slippers at that!

I've had generic sheepskin slippers for years, and they are the most lucious things to keep on your feet and nothing can keep them warmer; but I've never seen a pair so cute! Not to mention that frequently, the plain brown kind can run $60 or more, and these are only $45! That makes them *quite* the bargin! The rest of Couvert's shop is filled with all sorts of wonderful handmade items in a wide variety of styles and purposes. I also highly recommend you check out her arm warmers!

Lastly, but certainly not the least, I bring you to the $20 and under range. I love this range, and hey, most of the items in my shop are always in this range! They say, that in a bad economy, it is the tiny treats that the public goes for as small, affordable indulgences become more common than extravagent splurges.

The Black Apple caught my attention with a much over-looked fairytale. Amongst her prints there was one called "Snow, Rose and Bear." From the fairytale "Snow White and Rose Red." If you don't know the story, you should look it up, it's a beautiful little yarn. And no, the Snow White here is in no relation to the Snow White who later finds dwarves.

She has a pretty large gallery of very interesting prints, even if you're not as into this specific story as I am.

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TheresaJ said...

I totally agree... all wonderful items. The necklace is gorgeous and the skirt is fabulous (although I don't live in an area that ever gets cold enough to need it).