Saturday, March 14, 2009

Candy Candy Candy!

I guess it just shows how things can stick in a child's mind. I loved Garfield as a little girl, and always watched his specials. To this day, I hear the phrase "Candy Candy Candy!" in the voice of Lorenzo Music from the Halloween special.

So, this is going to be the continuation of my last post, where I featured Etsy sellers who made Hair Sticks. It went along with my theme of my new Lollipop Hair Sticks. The one on the right is one of my newest, in bright spring-y colors, perfect for Easter or Ostara or just love of spring in general!

I made the two new ones because I ended up with a couple of extra sticks. I had made some earlier experimental ones just for me (can be seen on my DeviantArt gallery) and found the sticks to be way too long. I mistakenly thought I could remove the sticks, shorten them and reinsert them, after they'd already been secured into the baked clay. This proved to be quite incorrect. Once the sticks are secured and set inside the baked lolly heads, they are NOT coming out peacefully.

Still hoping for my first sale on my Lolly-Sticks, and even pondering some kind of promotional arragement. Like, maybe, if an even moderately popular arts/crafts/etsy blogger liked the hair sticks, I might send them one for free if they agreed to do a written review. It would also help me figure out Shipping & Handling practicies and costs.

Just thinking out loud.


SO! LOLLIPOPS! Wow, there's 122 pages on etsy with the tag "Lollipop!"

First, the real thing, the edible kind.

Now, I'm not going to put a photo of the particular lolly that caught my attention, because I'd like to keep my shop blog as family friendly as possible. That said, I still have to promoto Kinky's Adult Candy & Gifts. Kinky also runs the much more family friendly Sweet Lollipop Shop on etsy.

Either way, both shops carry a good supply of various suckers; though I admit, I prefer the crystal candy to the chocolate based pops.

The great thing about Lollipops, of course, is that you can get a great Lolly (or lookalike item) for pretty inexpensive!

Jeni's Clay Creations has a variety of very affordable and *tiny* variations. Her tiny charms are brightly colored, very glossy, and as you can see, the heads are just fractionally smaller than a dime! She also has Lollipop Magnets in this size. The rest of her shop has lots of other extremely tiny, and extremely affordable miniatures. These lollipops are just $2.00 a piece!

And there is so much out there. There's tons of stuff for the kiddies, because, I SUPPOSE, (huffs) TECHNICALLY, (sighs) Lollipops are meant for kids. But there's also a good bit of lollies out there for us adults! From jewelry to edibles to tiny tiny tiny magnets to big sparkly hair sticks :-)

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