Monday, March 9, 2009

Lollipop Hair Sticks!

So, I've got a new experiment for Izile's Oddities. Hand-sculpted Lollipop Hair Sticks. I made myself a couple, loved them so much, I thought I'd try listing them on Etsy and see if anyone bites.

The one in the picture is my own. It's a whopping 2.5 inches in diameter, and man, you need a LOT of hair to counterbalance the weight! Because of that, the Lollies I'm selling have heads between 1 and 2 inches in diameter and are a lot lighter. The sticks are also shorter.

The close up on the left is one that's for sale at Izile's Oddities right now. I'm starting out the listings at $5.00 a stick. It doesn't really cover the amount of time I spend on them, particularly since I hand blend some of the colors (like my orange), but I'm thoroughly enjoying this small sculpting detour from my Magic Vial Pendants - which I will still continue making, so no fears!

I'm currently experimenting with scenting the Lollies. My giant one currently smells like citrus-blend, but I'm not going to start scenting any Etsy products until I know for sure how long the scent lasts, or if it lasts at all.


First, I wanted to pick out a Hair Stick seller on Etsy to promote. I LOVE Hair Sticks, and have quite a collection, but I'm always drooling over more. However, I'm also pretty picky. I like straight, single sticks, either wood, bone or maybe plastic. I don't like the 2-3 pronged metal ones at all. I also mostly only wear one hair stick at a time, so I'm not a big fan of matching pairs.

However, even with these prerequisites, picking just a couple of sellers is just HARD!

The good news is I didn't see a single Lollipop Hair Stick! But, I of course checked that BEFORE I listed mine. I neither condone nor support "rip off artists" of any variety; and would never launch a line of products based on another etsy-sellers products. *AHEM* *glares at those that know who they are*

That said, there are 3 Etsy retailers of Hair Sticks that are just so absolutely wonderful, I have to mention each one. Looks like another picture heavy blog post!

Firstly, I believe I covered her before, just in general, not specifically for her hair sticks. She was also featured on Etsy's Front page a year or so ago, I can't really remember. Any way, I'm not going to repeat myself, but I will say, if you missed both or either, you should go check out Hanatsukuri Kanzashi. Whenever I get a job again and can afford pretty things, I really should buy one of her little hair treatments for spring. They would look great with my asymetrical cherry blossom neo-kimono.

The other two sellers are definitely new to me! Trash and Trinkets: by Gypsy Trading Company caught my attention with a glass wisteria (a favorite spring flower of mine) stick.

She has a wide variety of sticks and other jewerly pieces, as well as two other etsy stores where she sells more of her handmade creations, like dolls and more sculptural art pieces. And if you're not a big a fan of the natural wooden stick as I am, don't worry, a lot of her sticks have more polished and painted bases; I just prefer the natural wood look to accompany the wisteria theme.

The other seller that caught my attention was Darklyng Studios. My attention was first caught by the delicate use of peacock sword feathers. I love peacock feathers and those who know how to create with them! Now, this seller so far has NO purchases, and that's really a shame. A lot of her work really reminds me of the kind of items you might find in a gypsy camp at a Rennaissance Festival.

For a little bit of variety, she also has a couple of floral designs based around orchids and a couple of industrial/punkish kind of hair sticks with using actual nuts and bolts. Definitely worth taking the time to peek in and look over her creations.

And now, I'm out of time, so the Lollipop search will have to wait for another day! Ciao!


Frenzy23 said...

I love the lollipop idea!

The second seller you mentioned definitely caught my eye because of her beautiful photographs. The peacock feathered one in front of the water is absolutely beautiful.

KayzKreationz said...

Those are really cute. Wish I had enough hair to wear/use one. :(
I'll have to check out the other sellers.

Athena's Armoury said...

Love the LolliSticks!! Adorable and functional. Can't go wrong.

Shimmermeblue said...

Those are great!

equivoque said...

Etsy greetings!