Tuesday, June 30, 2009


(OK, I know it's a day early, but we'll just play pretend for another 12 hours, mm-k?)

I'm excited for July, because June has sucked. July means friends coming to visit, good food, and sunny weather, damnit! *shakes her fist at the sky* - { I swear, if it stays cold and rainy through JULY, I am dragging a goat into Central Park, climbing up on one of those large rock outcrops, and sacrificing it until it actually starts to behave like a proper summer. } - and now, after that little digression, I'm starting to wonder if having been reading Good Omens hasn't gotten into my head a bit.

OK OK OK. It's GOING to be sunny, it's GOING to be warm, and no goats shall be harmed in any form or fashion.

So, over the weekend, it was half nice-half rainy; but I did manage to go out for a walk, gathered some extra ingredients, and uploaded a new batch of Magic Vial Pendants to my etsy shop.

Despite myself, I think this one is one of my current favorites. It's called "Candy Fairy" as it was themed after fairies, but it came out this purly candy pink! Rhodochrosite, rose quartz, hollyhock petal and fluorite charm all in sterling silver (revisiting the criss-cross pattern from the earlier Sirius vial). I considered it a brilliant stroke of luck to have just randomly found a hollyhock growing up wild between the sidewalk pavement and the edge of a building foundation. I suppose I shouldn't really be that surprised, they grow right out of the gravel driveway back home; but I guess I figured it was the verdent southerness of Mississippi that made all things grow like weeds.


Ow? You hadn't heard of the Candy Fairy? Doubt no more, unbelievers!

The Gypsy Faeries knows and has quite a lovely painting of her as well! "The Pink Cotton Candy Faery" is an open edition print of an original watercolor painting on 8x10, mounted and matted, all for $15.00! She has quite the variety of other fairies in her gallery as well, all deserving each their own peek. (I'm quite partial to Violet, and Sakura, and Ava. . . and oh! a mermaid! . . . )

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Stunned By Stone said...

those jewel wings look pretty cool in some nice jewellery..