Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So, I've got company in town, so I haven't had any time for crafting, and work keeps most of my days filled; but I've taken a moment to pop on and discuss some potential future adventures in crafting.

While leading my friend around NYC, we stopped by Evolution, in Soho, and I picked up (and I know, I probably overpaid) some components that I hope to work into future pieces.

I bought my friend a Tantric Lingam that he's going to want me to find a way to wrap, so he won't just lose the loose stone. For myself, I got 3 very nice specimens of freshwater pearl, and a vial of Jewel Beetle wings.

I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to do with either the pearls or the wings (they aren't even drilled yet, so that'll be an adventure - though the salesman told me he thought a safety pin would work just fine.)

So, there's a little peek at what might be coming up for Izile's Experiments.


As far as jewel beetles on etsy, mostly there's just earrings (which I know I won't be doing because I don't have pierced ears so earrings just almost never occurr to me.)

My favorite set are probably these Exoskelton Earrings by Exoskeleton Cabaret, because of the inclusion of tiny watch gears. Plus, she gets extra bonus points from me for offering clip-on earrings! Yeah!

Aside from the jewel beetle jewelry pieces, she also has a very interesting series of steampunk style photographs.


Arlene deWinter said...

I just love your blog! All you things are so interesting and it looks great~
Thanks for staying on my blog with entrecard!

bikudesigns said...

Hi there,
Just to let you now, I left an award for you on my blog today.
Hope you can pass it on:)


Joy said...

Oh, wow... I never would have thought of using insect parts in jewelry. Those jewel beetles ARE very beautiful though! I bet they would look cool hanging off of a bracelet, depending on how sturdy the wings are.

Stunned By Stone said...

these wings look nice and interesting...
wonder how i can find them

TimelessBeauty said...

I like the richness of the color of their wings. How about butterflies next?