Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So, August just kind of snuck up on me! Sneaky little bastard! My first craft fair of the year is going to be this Sunday at the Brooklyn Indie Market (I'll be in one of the outside kiosks) and I have to admit, I think I'll be scrambling this week! (I spent last weekend in D.C. at the Progressive Nation 2009 Concert - YES!! Dream Theater & Queensryche & Zappa Plays Zappa! WOOT!!)

Also, DragonCon is now officially less than a month away. I've bought my plane ticket to Atlanta, and am trying to compile my costume.

My roommate, when she gets back from her trip to AL, will be making me my labcoat/cheongsam dress (think a sleeveless version of Dr. Girlfriend's dress, but in white, not pink -and no hat!).

I've already ordered a pair of spiffy custom sized (skinny skinny legs!) boot-spats from Faitavec. She has a lot of cute variations of really nice spats, but these were my favorites!

She's also been really friendly and said the month deadline (yeah, I know, I'm leaving it late) would be no problem. So yeah! And now, I'll be able to wear comfy shoes at the con, but it'll still work out with my steampunkish mad scientist costume!

I've also been eyeing several Etsyers who make goggles. . . must have goggles!

Right now, Darklysewn is in the lead for most bang for your buck in the interesting steampunk goggle category. Plus, I like the fact that her goggles come with three sets of interchangable lenses. Depending how bright Atlanta is, I might go with the smoked lenses, but I do love the cracked lenses as I basically plan to be wearing them up most of the time.

The only other thing that leaves is non-etsy items (I want fiberoptic hair fascinators to put into my mad scientist pigtails).

I WILL be ready for the Mad Scientists' Ball this year!


I would also like to add a couple of things I wanted to put in my costume, but money. . she running out FAST.

So, the "if money were not an issue, I'd also be getting. . . "

Fantasies In Leather 's Geologists Tool Holder. Not only is it gorgeously done, but I am such an amateur geology buff! And hey, geologists are scientists! According to my old geology prof, they're the pirates and thieves of the science world - because they take everyone else's work and just tack "geo" in front of it and call it their own (paraphrased from first or second class lecture.). Muahahaha, steampunk geology pirate mad scientist FTW!

The rest of their shop is so eclectic as it has to be seen, having hats, masks, pasties and more.

And, since we're in the "money is not an issue" dream state now, I'd also want one of sewlutionsbyamo 's wrist cuff wallets.

I mean, we all know that feeling, you get a rocking costume for an event. . and where do you keep your money, IDs, credit cards, room keys. . . and if you're a girl, your costume almost never has room for pockets, and do you really want to drag around a purse that just does not go with the aesthetic of your look? Ug! But these, these are great solutions! There's plenty of variations in style and color to go with almost any kind of clothing, and you can keep your (thin, flat) items protected and always in sight. Very swanky!


Theresa said...

Those boot spats are so cool! Hope you post a pic of the finished costume so we can see you all dressed up.

Elegant said...

You Rock!

Laura said...

When will they make a holster for a rechargeable mini power vac? Moms need this!!

Athena's Armoury said...

Make sure your post pic's of your costume! It sounds awesome.

Dorothy L said...

Those boots are soooo sexy.
Yes we definitely want to see your costume!