Friday, August 7, 2009


Well, before we get to the woot-age, the awwww-age: guess I'm not doing the Brooklyn Indie Market this weekend, turns out the kiosks were already booked up, just didn't hear back for a very long time. Ah well, it gives me more time to get ready for DragonCon! WOOT-AGE!

So, I've ordered the boot-spats, and I bought the goggles (see both in last post); and I'll bribe my roommate for the lab coat/dress when she gets back from Alabama. I need to order those fiberoptic hair fasinators, but I keep forgetting. Must do that after I blog!


So, I'm still on the whole mad science and steampunk kick, but let's get away from the costumes and wearables for a change of pace.

Eagles Nest Wood Crafts has a Mad Scientist Shooter Bar. I love the photography and the pitch, too; showing two of the test tubes filled with two different shots.

My host for DragonCon is also going as a mad scientist and has wanted to have a belt that holds test tubes for similar shooter purposes. I've even been looking into a dried, powdered additive that could be poured from test tube into any beverage, and make it fizz and change color without effecting it's drinkability. (thinking some combination of powdered food color, citric acid and baking soda. All harmless when injested, and should prove interesting when added to clear liquors.)

And, because I haven't done any art promoting in a while, J Van Hulle's Steampunk Burlesque Art is a must visit! I had to pick her Dr. Girlfriend variation because . . well. . just because it's awesome!

Prints of all her vintage style scienc/steampunk babes are avialble from $57 to $125, depending on the size.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Izile! Love your blog! Don't worry about your steampunk/mad scientist obsession, I have it too.
-Jessica Van Hulle

"With my freeze ray I will stop...the world" - Dr. Horrible