Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chocolate Mint!

My chocolate mint believes itself to be at least part kudzu. Today I went outside to see it making a break from its bed, across the pavement, and heading for the stairs. Sounds like a perfect time to bring back one of my more popular Izile's Experiment: Chocolate Mint and Vanilla Sugar body scrub!

I've just finished making my first batch (two 2 g. sample sized doses - pictured here - and one 8 oz glass jar full) and uploaded it to Izile's Oddities on etsy. (Yes, my BOGO Unemployment Sale is still going on, but these, just uploaded 8/20, are not included in the BOGO sale).

As you can see, the scrub is extremely dark green from the concentration of real, fresh from the garden, chocolate mint, pureed down in my food processor. I only use the leaves (hand picked off each stem) of chocolate mint, my own homemade vanilla sugar (made with real Tahitian vanilla beans), a bit of kosher salt for texture, and jojoba oil. That's it! It's very light and refreshing in a shower, and rinses clean without any kind of heavy oily residue (and yes, even the little leafy bits rinse off easily in the shower.) I've used it several times in the shower, for home pedicure or manicure, and you get the same product that I'm happy to keep for myself.

I do note, that if you don't like as strong a mint-zing, or potent a scrub, you can treat my jars as concentrate, and thin them down with your own table sugar or kosher salt; but I like them at full strength!


Chocolate-Mint is a popular combination on etsy, and why not!!

I believe last time I plugged lip balm in chocolate mint. It may be because I had caprese for dinner, and I'm still hungry; but between making this sugar scrub a minute ago and now searching "chocolate mint" on etsy, I am in serious need of a sugar fix! Scratch that, a CHOCOLATE fix!

And when I saw this picture from KECookies of her mint chocolate brownie cookies. . . OMG, I WANT TO LICK THE SCREEN!!

And the ingredients list reads like it should!: butter, sugar, flour, eggs, cocoa, mint. *droools*

And do not fear! There are 4 pages of cookies, ready to be made-to-order, so they ship out the day they're baked. All sorts, all varieties, and some combinations, even doggie cookies!

And I know, I'm notorious for having less than superb photographs for my merchandise, I know, I know. . . but just looking at her pictures on her shop makes me wish you could fax or email cookies, so I could have these before my taste buds (which may be the only part of me with ADHD) get distracted by something closer at hand and more immediately nom-able.

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