Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Purples and Plums!

So, I've been working on a blog piece for the {NewNew} Indie Artists of NYC etsy street team blog, HERE. (It should be up as of 8/28/09).

And I actually thought I might expand on that subject a little more here (even though, this is actually going to be cleared/posted BEFORE the {NewNew} article. Hmm. . . well, you'll just have to read both!

In synopsis, I love color, I hate beige, and I'm thrilled that all the fashion magazines (a weakness of mine) are all excited about the great degree of hue and saturation for fall, particularly deep purples and plums.

I already featured (or will be featuring) KimmChi of the {NewNew} team in their blog for having great purple silkscreen shirts.

But I didn't want to stop there.

And while I definitely stand by my statement that you don't need to latest designer whatever to enjoy this fall's color pallet, I also know that a girl sometimes wants to take it a step up.

Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy has a very attractive mini dress in "iris violet." And don't be discouraged by the goth photography and descriptions, with this falls color pallet, such dresses are versatile and can be worn by anyone, and there are other really gorgeous pieces of clothing in the shop as well - and you don't need smokey eye makeup or dyed black hair to rock the frocks.

(mm, maybe I've also been watching to much Project Runway.)

For something with a more "autumnal" feel to it, MokoGal of Brooklyn has this lovely "purple passion top." The black lace ribbons and hardware closures give this an extra edge. MokoGal is also a brand new seller on Etsy, and with a few vintage designer pieces, this is one of her very first originals!

So, good luck to both the new and the established! And definitely give all these shops a good browsing!


Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy said...

Thank you for including us!!!!

-Taeden of Gloomth

Sleepy Moon Design said...

I am loving the purples this fall!

Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous dress...I read recently that deep purples are flattering on absolutely everybody.

Have a lovely weekend,

dihan said...

nice design

WillOaks Studio said...

I love purples!! Funny how they sort of go in and out of fashion but glad they are in now. Nice collection you assembled here.