Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dark Tower

Woo! Granted, there was a whole year when I didn't so much as doodle, but this painting took me nearly 2 years and it's finally finished! The Dark Tower at Can'- Ka No Rey, inspired by the Dark Tower/ Gunslinger series by Stephen King.

The photograph's not great, because of my apartment's somewhat crappy lighting, and I have no experience photographing large paintings. Yup, painted on a reclaimed 48"x12" canvas.

I did take a detail shot of the rose in the front. For those not familiar with the Dark Tower series, a simplistic explanation is, that at the center of all existence, is the "Dark Tower" it is like the axis of the multiverse, and all worlds of existence spin out on it's spokes or "beams." In one book, there is a single rose, which is the incarnation of the Dark Tower in that plane of existence. The rose as a tiny spiraling golden galaxy-type thingie in it's center. Later, in the field of Can'- Ka No Rey (which I believe means "The Red Field of No King") which surrounds the tower, it is seen that each rose has it's own galaxy/universe inside it.

Great series of books, and I really just can't quit sharing my interpretation now that it's *finally* done!

This also means I can start new paintings now!

Now, I'm not going to get into pointing fingers over copyright infringement on etsy *coughs*search "hello kitty" or "twilight"*coughs* . . . and there are ways to be inspired by your favorite fandoms without crossing that legal line. In my case, my painting will never be for sale. It's entirely too blatant, and created to be so.

However, there is one Dark Tower item on etsy, a t-shirt, and while the graphic is inspired by the artist's admiration of the Gunslinger series, it is an abstract and general enough image to not have to worry about any kind of copyright infringement to anger Mr. King nor his lawyers. It's a pretty wicked T-shirt, too!

"Eat Crow" by Eazine


anon said...

hey i love your painting. if you like the dark tower series of novels, why dont you check out my video blog where i review it. and mention your picture.

No cutie-pie said...

Wow, really beautiful.